Sen. Boswell, Gary Sponsored Bills

An asterisk(*) next to a bill request denotes primary sponsorship. If a session does not appear it is because the legislator does not have any sponsored bills for the session.

2023 Regular Session 

2023 Regular Session Top

Bill Title
SB 4 AN ACT relating to the retirement of fossil fuel-fired electric generating units and declaring an emergency.
SB 5 AN ACT relating to education and declaring an emergency.
SB 11 AN ACT relating to the control of vehicular traffic.
SB 12 AN ACT relating to physician wellness programs.
SB 20 AN ACT relating to banning social media applications from state government technology and declaring an emergency.
SB 24 AN ACT relating to KEES scholarships for students attending noncertified schools.
SB 39 AN ACT relating to tax increment financing.
SB 49 AN ACT relating to teacher certification and declaring an emergency.
SB 50 AN ACT relating to elections.
SB 54 AN ACT relating to Kentucky educational excellence scholarships.
SB 60 AN ACT relating to the operation of a motorcycle.
SB 81 AN ACT relating to private and parochial school calendars.
SB 102 AN ACT relating to education.
SB 115 AN ACT relating to adult performances.
SB 150 AN ACT relating to children.
SB 163 AN ACT relating to transportation and declaring an emergency.
SR 26 A RESOLUTION honoring the extraordinary service of Senator Ralph Alvarado to the Commonwealth of Kentucky upon his retirement from the General Assembly.
SR 42* A RESOLUTION celebrating Black History Month.
SR 92* A RESOLUTION honoring Dr. Mary Beth Emmick Morris for being named the 2022-2023 Kentucky Optometric Association President.
SR 137 A RESOLUTION adjourning the Senate in honor and loving and memory of Bill Patrick, former Executive Director of the Kentucky County Attorney's Association.
SR 147* A RESOLUTION recognizing September 17th as Constitution Day in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
SR 159 A RESOLUTION recognizing the record number of women legislators serving in the 2023 General Assembly.
SR 195 A RESOLUTION honoring the Martin County High School Cardinals, 2023 KHSAA Boys Basketball 15th Region Champions.

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