Executive branch, boards and commissions, appointees to, financial disclosure required from

Executive branch employees, financial disclosure statements, additional

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, employees of, independence of

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, ethics tip line, creation of

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, hearings, KRS Chapter 13B, exemption from

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, members of, appointment and removal of

Executive Branch Ethics Commission omnibus changes to

Executive Branch, KRS Chapter 13B hearing procedures, exemptions

Executive branch, "officer" and "public servant," clarify definitions of

Executive branch, "officer" and "public servant," expand definitions of

Executive branch, tax returns financial information, failure to disclose, penalties for

Executive employees, financial disclosure, retirement systems, investments of, fiduciary role in

Executive, former public servant, lobbying by, limitation on

General Assembly, House of Representatives, Hoover, Representative Jeff, expulsion

Kentucky Retirement Systems, violation of fiduciary or ethical duties

Legislative Ethics Commission, ethics complaint, legislative employee, jurisdiction, limit

Legislative Ethics Commission, staff, political activity, restricting

Legislative ethics telephone tip line, establish

Legislative, financial disclosure form, inclusion in, consulting firm's name

Legislative, sexual harassment, complaint process

Legislative, sexual harassment complaints, summary of

Legislative, sexual harassment, official misconduct

Louisville Arena Authority, Executive Branch Code of Ethics

Public servants, state contractors, business transactions with, prohibition of

Retirement and pensions, violation of fiduciary or ethical duties

Task force on sexual harassment, create

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