Local Mandate

911, Lifeline CMRS service charge, abolishment of

Abortion, dismemberrment, prohibition of

Abortion, Down syndrome, prohibition of

Absentee ballots, in-person and mail-in

Adults, agreed-upon procedures engagement

Age of consent, offenders 10 years older than victims prohibited

Agricultural and forest products, 80,000-pound weight limit, extend to county roads

Amusement and recreational employees, exempt from wages and hours consistent with federal law

Annexation of unpopulated territory, standing for contest of

Appellate judges, retention elections, certification of

Assault in the third degree, peace officers, contact with bodily fluids

Assault on a service animal, first degree, inclusion of asistance animals

Assault weapon, under 21, banning sale to or ownership of

Auxiliary containers, restrictions placed upon regulation of

Benefits, changes to medical and income benefits and other procedural changes

Break the Silence special license plate, establishment of

Casino gaming, allocation in support of

Casino gaming, allow

Casino gaming, licensing for

Cell phones, possession in jail

Cellular communications facilities, include in definition of key infrastructure assets

Cellular phone numbers, unauthorized release for commercial purposes, prohibition of

Charitable organization, leasehold interest, exemption of

Cigarettes, impose healthcare reimbursement assessment on

Cities, mandates on, prohibition of

City pensions

Clerks, duties, information and submission requirements

Coal severance revenues, distribution of

Communicable diseases, assault in the third degree, peace officers, contact with bodily fluids

Comprehensive tax reform

Confiscated firearms, destruction of

Consolidate local governments, clarify powers of cities within

Consolidate local governments, powers of cities within

Constables, restrict police powers of, without certification

Constituional amendment proposal, casino gaming

Constitution of Kentucky, proposal to call convention for purpose of revising or amending

Constitutional amendment, abolish House of Representatives and Senate

Constitutional amendment, extension of terms of members of the General Assembly

Construction contractor, exemption

Contractors, extend protection to

Contracts, boycott prohibition clause, requiring

Controlled substances, theft, by caregiver

Counties containing consolidated local governments, municipal incorporation

County board of elections, reasons for vacancy, recommendation of replacement

County consolidation, treatment of districts

Crime victims leave from employment

Criminal fleeing, Class C felony, elements of

Criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree, classify as gross misdemeanor

Deadly weapons, concealed carry without license

Department of Parks, voluntary contributions with vehicle registration, collection

Direct shipping license, establishment of

Disposal of property obtained through forfeiture, restrictions on use of proceeds

District Court judges, term of office, extension of

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requiring

Documented vessels, registration with county clerk, display of sticker, January 1, 2019

Documented vessels, registration wtih county clerk

Domestic violence

Driving under the influence, third or subsequent offense, forfeiture of vehicle

Drone surveillance or use of armed drones by certain entities, prohibition

Drones, trespass upon key ingrastructure assets, prohibiting

Early voting, omnibus bill

Earned paid sick leave provided by employers, requirement for

Election, change time to even-numberred years

Elections of governing bodies of certain districts, filling of vacancies

Employment discrimination, requirement of criminal history on job applications, prohibition

Employment protection for National Guard members, clarification of

Exploitation, adults, controlled substances

Felon in possion of firearm, previous conviction, emhanced penalty

Felony expungement, reckless homicide

Fire districts, alternative tax structure

Fire districts, merger, maximum tax rate

Firearm accessory, accelerate rate of fire, prohibit sale or transfer

Firearms and ammunition, authority to regulate, consolidated local governments

First time motor vehicle registration, paperwork, filing of

Fiscal courts of origin for warrant, cost of incarceration, responsibility of

Fiscal incentive grant fund, creation of

Fraud crimes, felony threshold, raising of

Gang Violence Prevention Act

General Assembly, eligibility age for members

General Assembly, terms of members, limiting

Green, Terry Allen " T.A. " , memorialzing

Gross misdemeanants, define detention procedures for

Gross receipts, tangible personal property tax recovery fee, exclusion of

Hunting, use of unmanned aircraft systems, prohibiting

Hybrid and electric vehicles, highway usage fee

Immigration laws, enforcement, requirement for

Initernet service providers, personally identifiable information, restriction on availability

Inmate services

Inmates, requirements for

Insurance fraud, private cause of action, requirements for

Internet service providers, Kentucky Model Procurement Act, Consumer Protectoin Act

Internet service providers, personally identifiable information, restriction on availability

Investments, limitations on

Kentucky Retirement Systems, board elections, electronic ballots for

Kentucky State Police, animal abuse offender registry, establishment of

Labor Cabinet, wage and hour actions

Law enforcement and firefighter funds, fringe benefits

Law Enforcement Foundation Program fund, annual supplement, increase of

License extension, requirement for

Local governement premiums tax, schedule for refunds, establishing

Local transient room taxes, travel or accommodations intermediary fee, exempting

Lost or stolen firearm, failure to report

Marriage, minimum age, establishment of

Marriage, minimum age, raising, petitioning process

Masking, prohibit in the commission of a crime

Master plumbers, extension of license when deceased

Medical cannabis program, establish

Medical cannabis program, establishment

Military-related special license plates, allow online renewal of

Misdemeanors, arrest for, allowing

Misdemeanors, outside officer's presence, issuance of citations

Motor vehicle registration, renewal, and reinstatement, set county clerk fees

National Electrical Code, Kentucky amendments to electrical system standards in

Natural resources severance tax, credit for taxes paid to another state

Nonparticipating health care providers, billing restrictions for

Notaries public, commissioning of

Occupational license taxes, maximum percentage for certain counties, removal of

Open records, "public agency," definition of, exemption in

Opiate and opioid agonist drugs, advertising of, prohibiting

Opioids, tax imposed

Paid maternity leave for employees, employers with fifty or more employees

Parole sanction, in lieu of revocation

Permission to fly drones near critical infrastructure, requirement for written consent, removal of

Personalized license plates, change renewal schedule

Persons convicted of hate crimes, possession of firearms by

Planning and zoning enforcement action, appeal, court costs, attorney fees

Police officers, requirements for promotion, clarification of

Policies on cell phone use, create

Possession of controlled substance, Class A misdemeanor, mandatory drug treatment

Postmortem examination results, requirement for release

Pregnancy and related conditions, prohibited discrimination, required accommodations

Pretrial services

Prevailing wage, create for public works

Probation and parole violators, work release

Property tax, consolidated local government assesment moratorium program, participation of

Property tax, homestead exemption, disabled veterans, proposed constitutional amendment

Property used in the deployment of advanced broadband technologies, property tax exemption

Provide voter preregistration forms to secondary school officials, assistance with processing of

Public finance, bonds and leases, publication and methods of notice, conform

Public housing authorities, membership

Public works projects, contracts, guidelines for awarding

Rape and sodomy, definition

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on city elected officials

Religious organizations, discrimination, prohibiting

Religious organizations, penalization, prohibiting

Rescue squad members, coverage for workers' compensation

Responsible use cannabis program, establishment

Restaurant tax, allow home rule class cities to levy for CERS contributions

Restoration of voting rights, constitutional process of granting

Schedules for employees

School property, concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, lifting prohibitions on

Sex crimes against a victim who is a person with an intellectual disability, increase in penalty

Sex offender registrants, living with a minor, prohibiting

Sex offender registrants, restriction of

Sex offender registrants, restrictions on

Sexual activity with animals, Class A misdemeanor

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

Sexually explicit images, distribution of without consent

Specific intent, include in elements of offense

Sports wagering, authorization for

State Board of Elections, reimbursement of costs of elections

State minimum wage, increase

State minimum wage, increasing

State Police, firearm registration and sales, administrative regulations

State procurement, process for, confidentiality

State procurement, process for, confidentiality of

Statewide transient room tax, 30 days or less, limiting

Supplemental payments to police and firefighters

Surviving spouse exemption, increase exemption amount for

Tax and fee increases, review of

Technical Corrections

Telephone solicitation using deceptive caller id information, prohibit

Time of election, move to even-numbered years

Torture, offenses involving family members, prohibition of early release for

Torture, penalty increase

Tourism incentive applications, suspension of

Trespass, simplified remedy for elderly and vulnerable

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Unemployment compensation, change benefits and technology for division

Unemployment compensation, waiting week, elimination of

Unemployment insurance, benefits, rates, and successorships

Unemployment insurance for seasonal/on recall employees

Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, statewide applicability of

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition of

Vacancies, special elections in consolidated local governments, allow reimbursement

Voting hours, extension of

Wage and hour, conform with federal law

weapons offense registry, establishment of

Welding by mechanical engineers, exclusions from structural steel welding

Wholesale tax, wine and distilled spirits, raising

Wine direct shipper license, establishing

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, five years for an audit and invest in securities

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, omnibus provisions

Workers Compensation Funding Commission, unclassified service for employees

Workers' compensation, medical and income benefits and procedural changes

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, local workforce area reports

Wrongful discharge

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