State Employees

Bus drivers, urging consideration of shortage in pension reform legislation

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, training

Candidates of, General Assembly, prohibition of, state position, executive, legislative, or judicial

Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, criminal background check, requirement for

Gender-neutral language, make technical correction

Health plan, infertility treatment, required coverage for

Hearings, Personnel Board, KRS Chapter 13B, exemption from

Internal mobility program, full-time positions open to full and part-time employees

Judicial Branch Budget

Kentucky Employees Retirement System, election to participate, gender-neutral language

Kentucky Employees Retirement System, restricted companies, divestment from

Legislative Research Commission, sexual harassment, complaint process

Legislative Retirement Plan, restricted companies, divestment from

Merit system, elimination of

Organization, authority to associate, organize, and strike

Pay equity statistics, Secretary of Personnel to provide

Personnel Board, hearing officer requirements, exemption

Public employees, state-sponsored life insurance, eligibility for

Retirement, commitment to maintaining public pension benefits

SB 151/EN, enacting clause, deletion of

Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet, enforcement of Model Procurement Code

Sexual harassment policy, establishment of

State property and programs, naming for state employee, restrictions on

State property and programs, waiting period for naming for state employee

State-administered retirement systems, disclosure of benefit information if earning more than $100 K

State-administered retirement systems, pension reform

State-administered retirement systems, pension reform, restore 1.5% COLA for teachers

State-administered retirement systems, pension reform, optional 401(a) DC

State-administered retirement systems, pension reform, retain inviolable contract after July 1, 2018

State-administered retirement systems, retain 4% guaranteed return for cash balance plan

State/Executive Branch Budget

Teachers' Retirement System, delete provisions of pension reform bill relating to TRS

Telehealth, requiring coverage of

Telephone CPR, telecommunicators, training for

Unclassified, number of, limiting

Unclassified, salary, limiting

Unclassified service, relatives of legislators or cabinet secretaries, hiring of, prohibition on

Vacancies, school districts, notice from superintendent, requiring

Workers Compensation Funding Commission, unclassified service for employees

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

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