Technical Corrections

Automobile insurance law, automobiles owned by state employees

Branch budget bills

Branch budget recommendations

Budget forms, technical correction

Budget unit requests, technical correction

Certain candidates for office, nomination papers, Certificate of Good Standing, requiring

Conform statute to definition section

Dealer's records

Definitions, add gender-neutral language

Department of Revenue

Elections and voting

Elections, filing

Gender-neutral language, addition of

Gender-neutral language, insert

Gender-neutral language, inserting

Gender-neutral language, make technical correction

Gender-neutral language, pronoun addition

HB 161

HB 169

HB 1/HCS 1

HB 207

HB 304

HB 305

HB 305/HCS 1

HB 327

HB 427

HB 463

HB 575

HB 6

HB 96


HCR 34

Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority, technical correction

Licensing of pharmacists, funeral directors, respiratory care practioners

Make technical correction

Make technical corrections

Operator's license, gender-neutral language

Personnel Board, add gender-neutral language

Personnel Board, gender-neutral language

SB 113

SB 132

SB 137 SCS

SB 154/SCS 1

SB 249

SB 48

SB 96

SB 97

Seat belt law, correction for gender-neutral references

Self-insured groups, reference to executive director replaced with commissioner

Technical correction

Technical Corrections

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