Agritourism, Direct Farm Marketing Division

Alcoholic beverage sampling, colleges and universities, educational programs

Breeder's Cup pari-mutuel tax, exemption

Casino gaming, allow

Covered bridges, control, possession, local authority, KY Heritage Counsel

Elliott County Minnie Adkins Day, Third Saturday in July, recognizing

Grape and Wine Council, small farm wineries support fund, changes to

Hotels that are signatories of the Tourism Child-Protection Code, recognizing and encouraging use of

Identification of Civil War heritage tourism sites

Kentucky Lake, water levels, economic impact

Kentucky Tourism Development Act, tax incentives, extension

Local transient room taxes, definitions, August 1, 2018

Local transient room taxes, travel or accommodations intermediary fee, exempting

Louisville Arena, events, operation of

Perryville, acreage, conveyances, military park

Reorganization, Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, Executive Order 2017-0888

Reorganization, Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, Executive Order 2017-732

Restaurant tax, portion to be used for tourism infrastructure

Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefields, identifying and protecting

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

Statewide transient room tax, 30 days or less, limiting

Target county, Pulaski, Jackson, Kentucky Mountain Regional Recreation Authority

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