House Bill 333

Last Action 02/12/18: to Judiciary (H)
Title AN ACT relating to official documents.
Bill Documents Introduced
Fiscal Impact Statement Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 1399
Sponsor J. Richards
Summary of Original Version Create new sections of KRS Chapter 423 to define various terms; limit the applicability of the Act to notarial acts performed on or after January 1, 2019; allow a notarial officer to perform a notarial act in Kentucky; outline requirements for certain notarial acts; require a personal or online appearance before a notarial officer; specify the requirements of identifying an individual before a notarial officer; allow a notarial officer to refuse to perform a notarial act; state who may perform a notarial act in Kentucky; recognize notarial acts performed in other states; recognize notarial acts performed in federally recognized Indian tribes under federal law, and in foreign countries; allow a notary public to perform a notarial act by means of communication technology; require a notarial act to be evidenced by a certificate; provide short form certificates for use by notarial officers; outline the requirements for an official stamp of a notary public; assign responsibility of the notary public's stamping device to the notary public; require a notary public to maintain a journal chronicling all notarial acts performed by that notary public; require a notary public to register with the Secretary of State that the notary public will be performing notarial acts with respect to electronic records; outline the necessary requirements to be a notary public; outline grounds for suspending, denying, or revoking a commission as a notary public; require the Secretary of State to maintain an electronic database of notaries public; detail prohibited acts; establish the validity of notarial acts; allow the Secretary of State to promulgate administrative regulations to implement this Act; require all commissions occurring after the effective date of this Act to comply with this Act; state that a portion of this Act may be cited as the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act; create a new section of KRS Chapter 382 to state that a paper copy of an electronic record shall satisfy a law requiring a tangible document; create a new section of KRS Chapter 64 to create the Kentucky Notarization and Recording Standards Commission; amend KRS 423.200 to make technical corrections; amend KRS 369.103 to allow electronic signatures on transactions relating to the conveyance of interests in real property and the creation or transfer of negotiable instruments; amend KRS 62.065 to allow a surety to cover more than one required bond; repeal KRS 423.010, 423.020, 423.030, 423.040, 423.050, 423.060, 423.070, 423.080, 423.110, 423.130, 423.140, 423.150, 423.160, 423.170, 423.180, 423.190, 423.200, and 423.990; EFFECTIVE January 1, 2019.
Index Headings of Original Version Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Notaries public, registration, promulgation regarding
Deeds and Conveyances - Real property interest, allow electronic signatures
Effective Dates, Delayed - Law on Notarial Acts, January 1, 2019
Negotiable Instruments - Creation or transfer, allow electronic signature
Notaries - Commissioning, require compliance, notaries public
Secretary of State - Notaries public, commissioning of
Local Mandate - Notaries public, commissioning of


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  • to Judiciary (H)

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