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Title 013 | Chapter 003 | Regulation 020

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(New Administrative Regulation)

13 KAR 3:020.Provision of instruction for individuals sentenced by a court to participate in educational programs.

Section 1.

Instructional Program, Costs, Licensing. There shall be no costs to students ordered by the court to attend the program described in KRS 533.200. The program services shall be services presently provided students enrolling in adult education programs. Licensing and qualifications of instructors shall be determined by the local program providers.

HISTORY: (22 Ky.R. 653; Am. 1081; eff. 12-7-95; Recodified from 785 KAR 1:100; eff. 9-13-2013; Certified to be amended; filing deadline 8-4-2021.)

7-Year Expiration: 4/5/2029

Last Action: 4/6/2022

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