Kentucky Revised Statutes

KRS Chapter 367

Includes enactments through the 2024 Regular Session

The KRS database was last updated on 07/18/2024

Consumer Protection Act

Kentucky Consumer Data Protection Act

Placement of Security Freeze on Consumer Reports

Funds Recovered for State in Legal Action

Sales and Rentals During State of Emergency

Loan Brokers

Consumer Credit Loan or Transaction

Financial Institutions

Buying Clubs or Vacation Clubs

Solicitations After Accident

Home Solicitation Sales

Telephone Solicitations

Recreation and Retirement Use Land Sales

Underground Facility Damage Prevention

Misrepresentation of Geographical Location

Subscription Sales of Printed Material

Termination of Service Contracts

Negative Option Plan

Consumer Credit Contracts

Residential Roof Repair or Replacement Contracts

Electronic Dissemination of Commercial Recording and Audiovisual Work

Solicitation for Charitable and Civic Purposes

Consumer Protection in Eye Care Act

Mobile Home Sales

Sale of Business Opportunities

Health Care Practitioners

Health Discount Plans

Pyramid Sales

Mold Remediation Standards

Defective New Cars

Kosher Meats or Meat Preparations

Fresh Meat or Meat Products Produced Outside United States

Informal Dispute Resolution System

Gift Cards

Health Spas

Funeral Planning

Preneed Funeral Service, Burial, or Cemetery Merchandise Contracts

Crematoria and Crematory Operators

Rental-Purchase Agreements


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