Kentucky Revised Statutes

KRS Chapter 407

Includes enactments through the 2023 Regular Session

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Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

    Article 1 General Provisions

    Article 2 Jurisdiction Part A. Extended Personal Jurisdiction

    Part B. Proceedings Involving Two or More States

    Part C. Reconciliation with Orders of Other States

    Article 3 Civil Provisions of General Application

    Article 4 Establishment of Support Order

    Article 5 Direct Enforcement of Order of Another State Without Registration

    Article 6 Enforcement and Modification of Support Order After Registration Part A. Registration and Enforcement of Support Order

    Part B. Contents of Validity or Enforcement

    Part C. Registration and Modification of Support Order

    Part 4. Registration and Modification of Foreign child Support Order

    Article 7 Determination of Parentage

    Article 8 Interstate Rendition

    Article 9 Miscellaneous Provisions

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