Charitable Organizations and Institutions


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gaming gross receipts, partial funding for compulsive gamblers, requirement for - HB 174
gaming, revenue generation and regulation - HB 702
Charity game tickets, hours of play extended - HB 604
Compulsive gamblers awareness and treatment, charitable gaming gross receipts, funding from - SB 41
Gift cards, provisions for - SB 49; SB 49: SCS, SFA (1),(2),(3)
Hunger relief program, require Fish and Wildlife to establish - SB 148: SFA (1)
Joseph Project, honoring - SR 335
Nonprofit agencies and work centers, government purchases from - HB 13
Office of Charitable Gaming, power to exclude serious violators from charitable gaming licensure - HB 534
Physicians Care Program for the uninsured, creation of - SB 180; SB 180: SCS, HFA (1)
Plumber and electrician licensing, exemptions for charities constructing low-income housing - HB 694
Probation and conditional discharge, conditions of, authorization of payment to certain programs - SB 79
license plate donation, cap recommended donation at $10 - SB 157: HCA (1)
license plates, allow setting of recommended voluntary contribution for - SB 157
limited charity fundraising poker tournaments, provisions for - HB 731
The Milbank Memorial Fund, congratulate on anniversary of - HR 88
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