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Artificially provided nutrition and hydration, withholding, circumstances - SB 95; HB 389
Burial of homicide victim, action for court order to permit - SB 9
Deadly weapons, issuance of - HB 236: HFA (1)
Deputy coroners, amend numbers to be appointed by coroner - HB 690
Drug-related deaths, annual report of - HB 67: HFA (1)
Drugs or poisons, coroners' duty to report deaths caused by - HB 67
establishments, funeral director defined for & procedures for places already licensed as - HB 232: HCS
establishments, licensure and definitions - HB 232: SCS
establishments, new categories, creation of and licensing for - HB 232
Funerals and memorial services, disruption of, urge Congressional action - HCR 142: HCS
insurance, proof of death - HB 579
insurance, require insurer to contact owner - HB 578
Missing persons, database and procedures for - HB 447
Motor vehicle accidents resulting in, mandatory testing for DUI of drivers involved - HB 67
Guard and Reserve, federal active duty, death benefits - SB 14; HB 27, 96
Guard and Reserve, federal active duty, death benefits, payment of - SB 2; SB 2: SCS
and tissue donor registry, establish - HB 57; HB 57: HCS, HFA (1),(2)
donations, Kentucky e-Health Network, electronic registries of - SB 19
Police and firefighters, benefits for - SB 150
funeral and burial contracts, certified death verification required to release funds under - HB 142
funeral and burial contracts, life insurance benefits used for - HB 142: HCS
Presence of illegal drugs, reports by Medical Examiners Office - HB 67: HCS
Sudden infant death syndrome - HB 351
United States Armed Forces, Kentucky member of, death benefits - HB 27: HCS
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