Disabilities and the Disabled


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Artificially provided nutrition and hydration, withholding, circumstances - SB 95; HB 389
Audiologists, different board to license the fitting and sale of hearing instruments by - SB 135
funding, direct revenues from casino gaming for - HB 601: HFA (1)
funding, direct revenues from casino gaming revenues for - HB 600: HFA (1)
Community Alternatives Kentucky-Bowling Green, honor work of - SR 336
Competency hearings, permit trial by court without a jury during - HB 65
Criminal background checks, long-term care facility, new requirement for - HB 177
Disabled hunters, use of assistive devices not prohibited - HB 289: SCS
Dyslexia, definition of - HB 680
Elder Justice Act, urge Congress to support - HCR 89
Employees, Kentucky School for the Blind and Kentucky School for the Deaf - SB 239
Firefighters permanently and totally disabled, CPI adjustment to insurance payments - HB 421
Firefighters, discounted combined hunting and fishing license for - HB 241
Ataxia Awareness Day, third Saturday in May recognized as - SR 94
Ataxia, third Saturday in May recognized as - HR 48
Genetic and metabolic diseases, coverage of prescribed foods - SB 18
Guardians and conservators, technical correction - HB 293
Hunting and fishing license, disability discount for - HB 128
Insurance, utilization review - HB 143
Involuntary hospitalization, examinations - SB 174; SB 174: SCS, SFA (1)
Kentucky State Use Commission, creation of - HB 13
Long-term care facilities, increased penalties for - HB 303
Nonprofit agencies and work centers, government purchase from - HB 13
Resource center for aging caregivers, creation of - SB 174: HCS
Resource, counseling, and referral center, creation of - SB 234
Stroke, system of care, urge development of - SR 211; HR 221
Supported living program, state council for, eligibility, change in program standards - SB 146
Telecommunication device for the deaf, funding - HB 468; HB 468: HFA (1)
Telecommunications devices for the deaf or TDDs, change designation for - SB 88
Time limit in a voting booth exception, creation of - HB 438; HB 438: SCS
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