Firefighters and Fire Departments


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Communications personnel, covered in collective bargaining - HB 440: HCS
local government fire department merit board - SB 171: HFA (6)
local government, urge government to not close any fire stations - HR 181
benefits, 2nd and 3rd class cities - HB 402
benefits, distribution of - SB 150
Disabled firefighters, discounted combined hunting and fishing license for - HB 241
department merit boards, consolidated local government - HB 666
hydrants, water districts not to charge for installation and maintenance of - HB 674
Foundation Program Fund, appropriations from - HB 459
permanently and totally disabled, CPI adjustment to insurance payments - HB 421
agreements between counties, incentives for the creation of - HB 119
agreements, provide incentives for fire protection - HB 119: HCS
Labor organization, mandatory membership or financial support prohibited, penalty - HB 38
Meet-and-confer discussions, provisions for - SB 186
benefits for police and firefighters, urban-counties - SB 108
fund, benefits of - SB 114
fund, benefits of surviving spouses - HB 486
Sex offenders, employment of - HB 3: HFA (3)
funding for qualified firefighters - HB 273
funding, including KCTCS and Department of Military Affairs - HB 273: SCS
Termination, prohibit while recovering from work related injuries - HB 256: HCS
fire departments, reimburse for state motor fuels taxes paid - HB 88
firefighter pension plan, urge review of - HR 256
firefighters, income tax deduction - HB 496
firefighters, prohibit termination while recovering from injuries incurred in line of duty - HB 256
Work injury, heart or respiratory disease, create rebuttable presumption for - HB 420
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