Authorize the issuance of various bonds and appropriate debt service therefor

Availability of facilities and services, technical correction

Bluegrass turns green public grant fund, bond authorization

Bluegrass turns green public loan fund, bond authorization

BRAC economic development fund, establish

Career and technical education facilities, bond authorization

Casino gaming moneys, distribution of

Casino gaming net profits, distribution of

Casino gaming revenues, distribution of

Cemetery preservation

Certified coal miners, certification of

Claims, against the state, appropriate funds for

Compulsive gamblers awareness and treatment fund, appropriation for

Court security officer, compensation increase

Department of Veterans' Affairs, responsibilities of

Designate coal severance single county projects

Distribution of gaming tax proceeds, motor vehicle property tax, elimination of

Drought assistance, fiscal year 2007-2008

Expenditure of state funds, searchable Web site

Facilities, career and technical education, bond authorization

Fallen coal miners

Frankfort Independent School District, provide funding for

Fund, career academy

Fund, career and technical education accessibility

Fund, career and technical education, bond authorization

Fund, career guidance fund

Funding for sustainable school buildings and net zero pilot projects

Georgia Chaffee Teenage Parent Program, funding for

Gubernatorial Debate Commission

Industry certifications tests, funds for

Interlocal agreements, provision of services

Judicial Branch Budget, appropriation of

Kentucky Wetland and Stream Mitigation fund, appropriation to

Kentucky Youth Development Center, creation of

Legislative Branch Budget, appropriation of

Legislative Branch Budget memorandum, attachment of

Legislative time-out prior to vote

LIHEAP, 10 million in current year funding for heating assistance

Operation Unite, appropriation for

Operation Unite, appropriations for

Payment to election officers and to counties, increase of

Personal services agency fund

Postsecondary institutions, debt issuance by

Problem gambling awareness and treatment fund, creation of

Public Service Student Law Loan Program

Rail infrastructure project fund, appropriate money for

Rescue programs, search and rescue programs, omnibus revision

Riverport Marketing and Financial Assistance Programs

Road fund, require transfer for infrastructure authority projects

Scholarships for survivors of fallen coal miners

State fire marshal, authorizing fees and expenditures for inspections

State rail bank fund, establishment of

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

State/Executive Branch Budget, appropriation of

Teacher salary incentives, necessary government expense

Transition academies, high school models, matching program

University of Louisville equine industry program

Veterinary student loan forgiveness program, establishment of

Water supply, University of Kentucky to conduct a study of

Women's fund, establishment of

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