Civil Actions

Abortion, requirements and prohibitions relating to

Adoption, international, attorney fees

Adverse possession of state property, accrued claims exempted from prohibition

Adverse possession of State property, prohibition against

Case submission, jury duties after

Child custody, visitation, relocation of principal residence of child

Child sexual assault or abuse, civil statute of limitations for

Child support, arrearages, statute of limitation

Child support, collection of unpaid amounts

Child support, continue through high school, regardless of child's age

Comparative fault, third-party defendants, statute of limitations for

Competency proceedings, allow bench trial

Consortium, loss of, action for

Court costs, increase for supervised child visitation

Creditor as a defendant, requirement for

Creditor as defendant, requirement for

Dating violence, availability of domestic violence protective orders

Deputy circuit court clerks, supplemental compensation

Direct care staff, ICF/MR resident, failure to supervise, penalties

Discovery, Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act

Domestic relations records, confidentiality of

Domestic violence hearings, procedure for

Domestic violence, of protection, availability of orders

Domestic violence order, prohibit firearm possession, surrender of firearms

Domestic violence order, venue, transfer

Domestic violence, protective orders, issuance and transfer

Emergency protective orders, procedure for

Eminent domain, fence replacement

Execution on investment securities, updated references

Fiduciary liability, gender equality, provision for

Financial institution penalty

Funeral expenses of child, require child support obligor to pay proportion of

Health care employees, retaliation prohibited

Illegal taking of fish and wildlife, civil penalties for, increase

Insurance examinations, admissibility of documents pertaining to

Joint tortfesors, effect of release

Judgement, change rate of interest on

Judgment, interest rate, modification of

Medicaid fraud, civil proceedings for

Medical malpractice, constitutional amendment

Motor fuel for motor vehicles and motorboats, civil liability for retail theft of

Motor fuel, notice of nonpayment and civil liability for retail theft of

Partial birth abortion

Paternity, determination, evidence, and venue, clarification and updating of

Paternity, determination of

Pilot project, opening of court proceedings, dependency and parental rights

Recreational use agreements, limits on land owner liability, limitation on

Retailer, claims against

Silicosis or mixed-dust claims

Small claims, jurisdiction increase

Spousal maintenance, automatic payment of

Statute of limitations, civil action for childhood sexual assault or abuse

Surety and cosurety, joint creditor

Trustees, compensation of

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