Black lung, RIB cash option, eligibility for

Carbon dioxide emissions from coal, planning for capture, management thereof

Certified miners, surviving spouse and children, funding for

Coal gasification, special wastes, treatment as

Coal gasification waste, special wastes, treatment as

Coal industry, Kentucky Trails Authority, members of

Coal mine safety, medical air evacuation, emergency action plan, requirements for

Coal severance single county projects, amend application process

Coal severance tax funds, distribution of

Emergency mine technicians, surface mining operations, number on site at

Land survey, surface coal mining permit, requirement for

Local Government Economic Assistance Fund, balances in, investment of

Miners, funding for surviving spouse and children

Miners, Scholarships for surviving spouse and children

Participation in incentives by all utilities

Processing, expand definition of

Restaurant tax, coal production eligibility requirements

Severance projects, approval of

Severance tax, delete distribution to workers compensation fund

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment

Stream restoration and mitigation authorities, creation of

Surface mine overburden and reclamation, make changes to requirements relating to

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