Commendations and Recognitions

4-H Capitol Experience, honor youth, adult participants

4-H Capitol Experience, recognize participation in

Abrams, Marie and Ronald, celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of

Akins, Dr. C.B., honoring

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., recognizing

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc., adjourn in honor of

American Printing House for the Blind, commend on occasion of 150th anniversary

Amputee Golf Charities, honor

Amputee Golf Charities, recognizing

Arnold, Adrian, Representative, recognizing and commending

Baird, Bill, recognizing for a donation

Banker, Bob, commending and recognizing

Bauer's Candies, Inc., commending and recognizing

Baugh, Representative Sheldon, honoring

Beasley, Dr. L.F. honoring on the occasion of his 100th birthday

Black History Month, recognizing

Blavatt, Bryan, honoring

Blue Ribbon School, Greathouse/Shryock Traditional Elementary

Bowles, Katelyn, honoring and recognizing

Brashear, Master Chief Carl M., United States Naval Ship, naming of

Bratt, Dr. Carolyn S.

Brooks, Middletown Fire Chief Donald "Donnie," honoring

Bush, Sam, honoring

Butler HS Girls Basketball, 2008 KHSAA Champs, honoring

Camp Nelson Honor Guard, honoring

Campbell County Senior Center, honoring

Career and Technical Education Month, commemorating

"Carrie Combs Bridge," designate in Knott County

Centennial of aviation in Kentucky, celebrate

Central High School, honor athletic accomplishments

Central HS Yellowjackets, 2007 KHSAA Class 3A Football champs, honor

Chevrolet Corvette, official state sports car

Citizen-Advertiser, 200th anniversary, honoring

City of Florence Police Department, honor in recognition of its 50th anniversary

Clerks, Circuit Court, commending and recognizing

Coleman, Kelly, first Mr. Basketball honoring

Coleman, Kelly, first Mr. Basketball, honoring

Collaborative Center for Literacy Development, recognition of

Congratulate and commend Ft. Wright Elementary School's ENERGY WISE Team

Curington, George Clifton, Rev., honoring

Diocese of Bardstown, commemorating 200th anniversary

Discover Languages Month, proclaiming February as

duPont Manual High School, students, honoring

DuPont Manual High School, students, honoring

Edwards, Bill, honor on retirement

Edwards, Bill, honoring

Elliott, Joe, honoring

Federlein, Anne Cairns, President, Kentucky Wesleyan College, honoring

Floyd County Emergency Rescue Squad, honor

Former Mr. Basketball winners

Friends of Kentucky Educational Television, honoring

Gallatin County, recognize as Motor Sports Capital of Kentucky

Garrett School site, commemorative sign, erect in Floyd County

George Clooney's "Leatherheads," celebrate premiere of

Gillis, Mary Lee Slaughter, commending and recognizing

Goins, Fred, commending and recognizing

Governor and other officials, commend for visit to Ford Motor Company Headquarters

Grand Lodge of Kentucky, honoring

Gray, J.R., former representative from Marshall, pay tribute and honor

Grigsby, Geri, former Miss Kentucky Basketball, recognizing

Habitat for Humanity Day, recognize

Hammock, Paris, commending and recognizing

Handley, Allyson Hughes, commending and honoring

Hardin, Johnny, recognizing and commending

Harris, Alysha, 2008 Miss Kentucky USA, honoring

Hartford, celebrate the bicentennial of founding

Haskins, Jack, HS Football Coach of the year, honor

Helm, Mary Sue, honoring on retirement

Highlands High School, recognition of

Hospice Day, Kentucky, January 31, 2008, declared as

Howard, Betty, honor on retirement

Howard, Betty, honoring

Hughes, Ed, honoring

Jenkins, Staff Sergeant Don, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient

Johnson Traditional Middle School Quick Recall Team, honoring

Junior Hager and the Melody Drifters, designate ramps in honor of in Pike County

Keathley, Tanner, recognizing and commending

Kelly, Wallace, commend for film "Our Day"

Kentucky Elite Showcats, honoring

Kentucky Horse Park, congratulate for award

Kentucky Hospice Day, January 31, 2008, declared as

Kentucky Institute of Medicine, recognize

Kentucky Medal for Freedom, eligibility

Kentucky Medal for Freedom, fallen Kentuckians

Kentucky State Police, honoring

Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement, recognition of accreditation

Kentucky Vision Project, commending and recognizing

Korean War, 55th Anniversary, honor veterans

Kurtz, Archbishop Joseph E., honoring

Lavender, Will, honoring and recognizing

Lavender, Will, recognizing and commending

Lewis, Frank D., commending and honoring

Lile, Cameron, honor

Lincoln Bicentennial, celebration of

Lynch, Lance Corporal Robert A. "Robbie", Hawaii Medal of Honor, recognizing

Mabry, Barbara, commending and recognizing

Mabry, Dr. C. Charlton, honoring and paying tribute

Madisonville North Hopkins Marching Maroons, commending and recognizing

Maines, Deputy Sheriff Brian, commending for bravery in action

Marshall County HS, 2007 KHSAA Golf Champions, honoring

Martin, Alice Lucille, recognizing and commending

Mason Co. HS, 2008 KHSAA Boys Basketball Champs, honoring

Mason Co. HS, 2008 KHSAA Boys Basketball Champs, Honoring

Masons, commending and recognizing

Matthew Bacon Sellers Day, recognize

Maysville High School, honor 50th anniversary of state baseball champions

McCorvey, Norma, commending and recognizing

McGehee, Donnie, honoring

Means, Glenn L. III, honoring

Military rank, awards, and decorations, penalty for fraudulent claim of

Miller, Riley, honor

Mobley, Representative Russ, honoring

Mobley, Russ, recognizing and honoring

Moore, Carolyn Conn, paying tribute and honoring

Moore, Senator Carolyn Conn, paying tribute

Motorcycle Awareness Month, recognizing

Mountain, Keith, Kentucky State Geographer, recognizing and honoring

NKU Women's Basketball, 2008 NCAA Champions, honoring

Nonprofit, independent colleges and universities, recognition of

Noonan, Dr. Jacqueline, honor

Northern Kentucky University, 40th anniversary, recognition of

O'Daniel, H. Edward, Jr., commending and recognizing

O'Daniel, H. Edward, Jr., honoring and recognizing

Ortiz, Ami, adjouring in honor of

Pace, Donald, retirement, honoring

Paul Dunbar Swim Team, honoring

Paul Sawyier Public Library, paying tribute and congratulating

Plumbing Industry Week, declaring

Plumbing Industry Week, recognizing

Portland Memorial Missionary Baptist Church, honoring

Preston, Natasha, commending and recognizing

Rebecca Gray, 2007 Miss Kentucky Basketball

Redmon, Truman, commending and recognizing

Reid, Carol, commending and recognizing

Road naming, omnibus resolution

Robinson, Corey, congratulate on being named Kentucky's Mr. Football 2007

Robinson, Rt. Rev. V. Gene, honoring

Roeding, Dick, recognizing and honoring

Roeding, Senator Richard L., honoring

Rogers, Hal, honoring

"Ronald Reagan Day," declaring in Kentucky

Sanders, Richie, recognizing and honoring

Sellers, Matthew Bacon II, commending and recognizing

Sellers, Matthew Bacon, II, recognizing and honoring

Shehan, Norma, honoring

Shepherd, Rev. and Mrs. Louis W., commending and recognizing

Skaggs Brothers, Designate KY 32 in Lawrence County in honor of

"Skaggs Brothers Highway," designate in Lawrence County

Smith, Betty Ratliff, commending and recognizing

Somerset Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program, commending

Spicer, Matthew, honor

Spratt, Tammy, honor as Kentucky Elementary Teacher of the Year

Springer, Jordan, honoring

Taiwan, contributions to the global economy, world peace, freedom, human rights

Task Force on Postsecondary Education, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, honoring

Tennessee Valley Authority, commending and recognizing

Tennessee Valley Authority, honor and congratulate

The Kentucky Post, commending and recognizing

Trent, Dr. John, honoring

Turner, Everette Ray, recognizing and commending

U of L Basketball, honoring

Union Co. H.S., 2008 KHSAA Wrestling Champs, honor

University of Kentucky football team, recognition of

University of Kentucky Libraries, recognition of

UPS Airlines, 20th anniversary, honoring

UPS Airlines, honoring

USS Kentucky, U.S. Naval Submarine, recognizing

Vanderpool, Shirley Evelyn, commending and recognizing

Vincent, Representative John, honoring

VIPS Day in Kentucky, recognized

Walters, Cheryl, honoring

Weise, Jim, honoring

Western Kentucky University men's basketball, honoring

Whitley, Keith, commending and recognizing

Whitley, Keith, recognizing and commending

Who's Who In Black Louisville, honoring

Willham, Mr. Otis, honoring

Women in Construction Week, recognizing and commending

Women's Health Month, recognizing

Women's History Month, recognizing

Woodward, Roy, retirement, honoring

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