Consumer Affairs

Board of Housing, Buildings and Construction, composition of

Buying clubs and vacation clubs, refunds for cancellation of membership in

Collection bins, disclosure of beneficiary required

Credit card accounts, payment on

Ferrous and nonferrous metals, purchases, reports of

Financial, insurance and long-term care products, information hotline on

Identity theft, data protection, omnibus revision

Industrial loan corporations, restrictions, commercial activity

Personal information, data protection, notification

Prerecorded political messages, enforcement of

Prerecorded political messages, prohibited unsolicited telephone solicitation of

Rental cars, vehicle cost recovery fees on

Safety, toys and children's products

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Theft of identity, additional prohibitions

Unsafe children's products, prohibition of

Unsolicited fax, prohibitions and penalty

Unsolicited fax, unlawful to transmit advertisement without business relationship

Vending machines containing tobacco products, restrictions on contents

Viatical settlements, regulation of

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