Corrections and Correctional Facilities, State

Brown, Bridget Skaggs, Parole Board, confirmation of appointment

Canteens, jail and prison, use of profits

Community residential correctional centers, notice and approval

Custody, failure to return to

Death penalty, abolition of

DNA, sample collection, mandatory

DNA sample collection, mandatory

DNA sample collection, requirements and procedures

Felony prisoners, state financial responsibility for

Government purchasing from Prison Industries and nonprofit agencies and work centers

Halfway houses near public parks, placement in prohibited

Homelessness, prevention, continue pilot project for

Interstate compact, probation and parole, transfer fee imposed for

Jailer, training, approval

Jails, state takeover, study

Local jails, staff training

National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact, ratify

Nonviolent drug offenders, parole program for

Operation and funding of jails, appropriations for

Organ donor program, inmate, establish

Parole Board, Gibson, Mark D., confirmation of reappointment

Parole Board, Massarone, Charles T., confirmation of appointment

Parole Board, membership and hearing requirements

Penitentiary inmates, HIV/AIDS testing

Prisoner discipline reports, procedure when dismissed

Probate fees, estate of officer killed in line of duty, exemption for

Probation and parole employees, salary increase for

Probation and parole employees, uniform allowance and vehicle purchases for

Probation and parole fees, drug testing fee added to

Probation and parole fees, increase in

Probation and parole trust fund, creation of

Robbery 2nd degree, violent offense

Task force on statewide jail consolidation

Task force on statewide jail consolidation, creation of

Violent offenders, expansion of definition

Wrongful incarceration, claim for

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