Crime Victims

Address protection program, creation of

Assault in the third degree, include city/county official

Assault, penalty increase where victim is aged or disabled

Child sexual abuse, action for damages, extend statute of limitations

Child testimony, when court testimony not required

Crime victim, notification

Death penalty, abolition of

Domestic violence order, person subject to shall not possess firearm

Domestic violence order, venue, transfer

Employment leave, requirement for

Expungement of records, Class D felony and misdemeanor

Expungement of records, criminal history

Identity theft, data protection, omnibus revision

Penal Code, Kentucky, commission to study

Pilot project, opening of court proceedings, dependency and parental rights

Public servants, crimes committed by

Sex crimes, victims, polygraph prohibited

Sex offenses against children, increase misdemeanor statute of limitations for

Sex offenses, crimes relating to

Sexual abuse of children, modifications to age ranges and prohibitions against

Sexual offenses, noncontact restraining order

Victim impact statement, family of deceased victim

Violent offenders, expansion of definition


Witness and victim rights pamphlet, technical correction

Witness protection, technical correction

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