Insurance, Health

Activated members of National Guard or Reserves, continuation of benefits, requirement for

Applicant, amend definition

Cancer, clinical trials for treatment of, health plan coverage of

Chiropractors, reimbursement

Colorectal cancer screening, health insurance, required coverage by

Credit health insurance, extend duration

Dependent children, twenty-six years of age or younger, health insurance for

Dependents, terminating age of

Dialysis coverage

Dialysis, coverage for services

Dialysis, coverage out-of-network

Dialysis patients coverage, bill of rights

Dialysis patients, out-of-network coverage

Dialysis provider, define

Dialysis providers, average payment rate

Drug screens and blood tests, require insurers to cover

Electronic claims, pharmacies

Electronic claims, pharmacies, requirements for

Electronic claims, pharmacy benefits administrator, requirements for

Firefighters, disabled in line of duty, health and life insurance state supplement, CPI adjustment

Group, coverage of unmarried dependent children under

Group, option to cover dependents to age 26

Health benefit plan, coverage of mammograms by

Health care providers, payment or fee schedules provided to

Health insurers, policyholder information, report required

Insurance Coverage Affordability and Relief to Small Employers (ICARE) Program, creation of

Insurer, notification requirement

Limit program implementation to available funding

Metabolic conditions, special foods, insurance coverage

Nonparticipating provider, amend definition

Nonparticipating provider, definition

Notification requirements, authorization or other

Participating provider, amend definition

Payment, methodology

Pharmacists, credentialing

Physician, expedited credentialing

Prescription drugs, senior citizens, provide assistance for purchase of

Prosthetics coverage

Provider, credentialing

Public agencies, limit coverage to employee and family members

Public agencies, limitation of coverage to employee and family members

Public Employee Health Insurance Program, benefits and public and private agency participation

Public Employee Health Insurance Program plan, administration and reporting

Public Employees Health Insurance Program, plan administration and reporting

Rate filing, actuarial memorandum included in

State employees, optional dental and vision insurance, repeal of

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