Military Affairs and Civil Defense

Absentee ballots, when certain voters may return ballot

Active duty pay, exempt from income tax

Adjutant general, appointment of

Adjutant General, designee in case of disability, gender-neutral language

Adjutant General, Office of, promotions or appointments

Adjutant general's office, compatibility of

Alcoholic beverage purchases, military personnel, minimum purchase age

Baird, Bill, recognizing for a donation

Billiter, Chief Petty Officer Gregory J., memorializing

Billiter, Gregory J., Chief Petty Officer, memorializing

Booker, Sergeant Kenneth Raymond, memorializing

Bowling, Sergeant William Glenn, memorializing

Bowling, William Glenn, Sergeant, memorializing

BRAC Economic Development Commission

BRAC Economic Development Commission and fund, establish

Brashear, Master Chief Carl M., United States Naval Ship, naming of

Bruner, Master Sergeant Thomas L., memorializing

Camp Nelson Honor Guard, honoring

Carnes, Staff Sergeant Nicholas, memorializing

Death benefits for military killed in line of duty, tie to federal benefit rate

Death gratuity, clarification of benefit

Death in the line of duty, administrative regulations, authorization to promulgate

Department of Veterans' Affairs, guardian or conservator of disabled veterans and minors

Disabled veterans, children or spouse, tuition waivers for

Domestic violence, of protection, availability of orders

Driving on expired license, exemption for returning military personnel

Educational expenses, military or veteran amputees, military family assistance trust fund

Educational opportunities for military children, compact for

Emergency Action Plans for impoundments, administrative regulations

Gold Star Spouses license plates, authorize, exempt from fees

Gorham, Private First Class Brian, memorializing

Hamlin, Staff Sergeant Christopher N., memorializing

Home of record, determine eligibility by

Home of record, determine residency by

Income tax, exempt active duty military pay

Indigent Veterans' Burial Program, create

Indigent Veteran's Burial Program, create

In-state hunting license, active duty military stationed in Kentucky, eligible for

Jenkins, Staff Sergeant Don, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, commending

KEES eligibility, retroactive extension for military service

Kentucky Medal for Freedom, eligibility

Kentucky Medal for Freedom, fallen Kentuckians

Kentucky National Guard, surviving spouse, license plates

Kentucky Reservists, education benefits for

Korean War, 55th Anniversary, recognize

Korean War veterans, honor

KY Route 121, name in honor of Adrian "Odie" Smith

Lynch, Lance Corporal Robert A. "Robbie", Hawaii Medal of Honor, recognizing

Lynch, Robert A. "Robbie," memorializing

Military members, income tax rebate, fund

Military or veteran amputees, military family assistance trust fund

Military pay, exemption from income tax

Military pay, tax deduction for

Military pay, tax exemption for

Military pay, tax rebate for

Military personnel, reemployment of

Military rank, awards, and decorations, penalty for fraudulent claim of

Military spouse, unemployment insurance eligibility

Military status, false representation, penalty for

Miller, Sergeant First Class Daniel Edward, memorializing

Mundell, Major Michael L., memorializing

Ohio River dams and locks, urge Congress to fully fund

Overnight accommodations, exemption for disabled veterans

Phillips, Private First Class Sammie, memorializing

Philpot, Sergeant Edward, memorializing

Probate fees, estate of soldier killed ion active duty, exemption for

Probate fees, estate of soldier killed on active duty, exemption

Reemployment rights, members of National Guard or Reserves, establishment of

Rescue programs, search and rescue programs, omnibus revision

Return to state employment, National Guard and Reserves, protect right to

Solders' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, change name

State Parks, discount for members of the military

State parks, overnight accommodations rate, exemption for disabled veterans

Subcommittee on Veterans' Affairs, request reestablishment of

Tax exemption for military pay

"The Purple Heart Trail," designate segments, I-265, US 31W, US 41A and certain parkways

Treatment, Active duty military, alcohol or substance abuse

Unemployment insurance, military spouses, prohibit disqualification

US 127 by-pass, name The Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Highway.

USS Kentucky, U.S. Naval Submarine, recognizing

Veteran or military status, prohibit misrepresentation of

Veterans' burial benefits, cremation option for

Veterans in nursing homes, waiver for Medicaid asset recovery of estate, application for

Veterans' state hiring preference, establishment of

Veterans state hiring preference, expansion of

Vimoto, Private First Class Timothy R., memorializing

White, Staff Sergeant Delmar, memorializing

Willham, Mr. Otis, honoring

Zapfe, Sergeant First Class Andrew, memorializing

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