Taxation, Income--Individual

Adoption tax credit

College students, income tax credit for education costs

Credit for unsold homes held by builders

Deduction for volunteer firefighters

Diesel engine conversion tax credit, established

Earned income tax credit, establishment of

Education savings plan trust, allow tax deduction for contributions to

Energy efficient systems, ENERGY STAR housing, tax credit

Family education tax credit, established

Federal tax rebate, exemption

Federal tax system, direct a study of the impact of proposed changes

Film industry tax credit

Film industry, tax incentives, provide

Income tax check-off for regional mental health centers

Interest paid for overpayments and underpayments

Interest paid, modify accrual of

Kentucky 21st Century Scholars Program, establishment of

Kentucky Prosperity Act tax credit, establish

Limited liability entity tax, change exclusion and phase-in provisions

Limited liability entity tax, repeal of

Live organ donation, tax credit for

Military members, income tax rebate, fund

Military pay, exempt active duty

Military pay, exempt from income tax

Military pay, exemption from income tax

Military pay, tax deduction for

Military pay, tax exemption for

Mortgage debt forgiveness, tax exemption for

Motion picture tax credits

New markets program, tax credits for

Refundable earned income tax credit, establishment of

Residential energy incentives, create individual income tax credits

Revenue, energy incentives, corporate, income tax credits

Small business tax credit, creation of

Smoking cessation treatment program tax credit

Tax credits, work opportunity and earned income

Tax rate on income over $75,000, increase of

Wellness project credit

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