Trade Practices and Retailing

Automobile manufacturers and dealers, agreements between

Bad check, increase in collection fee

Beer kegs, sale of

Buying clubs and vacation clubs, contractual rights and limits when canceling membership in

Charitable or civic organization, donation boxes, conduct of

Cloned meat, dairy, poultry, task force on

Cloned meat, poultry, and dairy, study of

Collection bins, disclosure of beneficiary required

Distilled spirits and wine, donation of product authorized, rules governing

Dogs, require buyer guarantees, increase torture penalty

Egg marketing, retail, wholesale standards for

Energy drinks, prohibit sale to children under 18 years of age

Ferrous and nonferrous metals, purchases, reports of

Ferrous and nonferrous metals, requirements for sale and acquisition

Food service establishments, require dietary information

Identifying label, require for cloned meat, dairy

Identity theft, data protection, omnibus revision

Lead-bearing substances, prohibition of

Minors, sale of alcohol to

Motor fuel for motor vehicles and motorboats, repayment and additional charges for retail theft of

Motor fuel, notice of nonpayment and civil liability for retail theft of

Motor vehicle event data recorder, requirements for use

Nonferrous metals, requirements for sale and acquisition

Personal emergency response system providers, guidelines, establish

Personal emergency response system providers, regulation of

Prescription drugs, pedigree, distribution of

Rental cars, vehicle cost recovery fees on

Retail alcoholic beverage sales, mandatory server training program, establishment of

Retail food establishment wine sales, license authorizing

Retail liquor and malt beverage drink sales, "licensed premises" defined

Retailer, claims against

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Unfair practices, prohibition on unsolicited fax

Unsafe children's products, prohibition of

Withdraw from sale order, clarify procedures for

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