Budget and Financial Administration

08 HB 406, state budget, corrections, amendment to

1008-2010 State/Executive Budget, amendments to

2008-2010 State/Executive Branch Budget, amendments to

Bill or amendment containing appropriation, legislative time-out period prior to vote

Budget reduction and surplus expenditure plans, clarification

Budget reduction measures, require regular reporting on

Consensus forecast and budget reduction provisions, amendment of

Cost savings, maximize by grouping interim meetings

Education of inmates, transfer of funding for

Expenditure of state funds, searchable Web site

Interim legislative committee meetings, scheduling of, maximizing cost savings by

Legislative Branch Budget, reduction of

Long-term care facility administrator, licensing of

Motorcycle safety education, costs of

Postsecondary institutions, cash-funded capital projects, interim process

Postsecondary institutions, debt issuance by

Public works projects, prevailing wage, elimination of

Real property purchase from state employee, eliminate requirement of approval by Governor

Repeal and reenact various sections

State budget, amendment of

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget Bill, repeal and reenact amendment of

Technical changes, revenue estimating provisions

Transportation Cabinet, budget

Transportation Cabinet, require separate budget bill for

Video lottery terminals, net terminal income for state budget purposes, dispersal of

Water and Sewer Projects, repeal and reenactment of

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