Charitable Organizations and Institutions

Bluegrass Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation, special license plate benefiting

Charitable gaming, forty percent rule, exclusions from

Charitable gaming, mandatory training program, require

Charitable gaming, revenue generation and regulation

Charitable gaming, training for

Charitable gaming, training requirement, establishment of

Charitable health care services, permit out-of-state providers to provide

Charity game ticket, dispenser, conditions on use, providing for

Charity game ticket, hours of sale, providing for

Community-service-related projects, prisoners

Compensation, adjust rate of for guardians and conservators

Donation boxes, for-profit label placement

Elder Care Ministry provide by Christian Care Communities, honor of

Elder Care Ministry provided by Christian Care Communities, honor of

Establish requirements for collection of donated items by for profit entities

Fiduciary responsibilities and prudent investment standards of charitable institutions, modernize

Meetings of grant recipients, minutes of, receipt by state agencies

Meetings of grant recipients, requirements for, attorney and certified public accountant

Presumption of imprudence, removed if annual expenditure exceeds 7% of fund

Prisoners working community-service-related projects, nonreligious requirement, deletion of

Reclaim our Culture Kentuckiana, direct the production of a special license plate for

Solicitation of contributions on highways by minors, requirement for adult supervision

Think About God, Inc., direct the production of a special license plate for

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