911 communications, procedure for release of

Auctioneers, increasing maximum limits for

Auctioneers, license and renewal fees, maximum limit imposed

Bond filings, court clerks

Certification requirement, fire sprinkler inspectors

County clerk's fee for keeping a record of the stray certificate, reinstate existing amount for

Criminal records, misdemeanors, expungement

Division of Mine Permits, electronic filing, increase permit fees for

Domestic violence and emergency protective orders, fee for

Drug court programs, operation, funding

Drug service fee, collection, distribution

Emergency 911, revenues and fees, study of

Emergency 911, revenues and need for state board, study of

Establish a fee for a justice of the peace to issue a stray certificate, permit local governments to

Expungement, misdemeanors and violations, DUI service fee, jail triage, bond filings

Horse racing authority, secondary pari-mutuel organization, fee imposed

Housing, buildings and construction office, elevator safety fees collected by

Identification cards for homeless, provide for

Inspection of new manufactured home installation, fee for

License fees, tattoo artists, tattoo instructors, body piercing technicians, requirement for

License, unclassified acquirer, increase

Local government development

Long-term care facility administrator, licensing of

Manufactured home installation inspection fee, limit to $150

Motorcycle helmets, fee required to operate without

Pesticide, registration, regulation of

Pesticides, assessment of

Private purchasers, reduce fees that can be charged upon purchase of certificates of delinquency

Probate, estate of those killed in line of duty, exemption for

Prohibition, to charge cities and school boards

Real Estate Commission, criminal background check, applicant pays fees for

Service fee, county attorney notice for alleged theft by deception

Sheriffs, adjustment of

State traffic school, increase fee to $50

Titling of ATV's fees for, establishment of

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