Police, City and County

911 communications, procedure for release of

Arrest powers, vehicular assault of a bicyclist or pedestrian

Benefits increase, death, line of duty deaths

Controlled substances, electronic reporting, data sharing in system of

Criminal gang activity

Criminal gang database

Drug service fee, collection, distribution

Electronic warrants, participation in

Emergency 911, revenues and fees, study of

Emergency 911, revenues and need for state board, study of

Eyewitness identification, procedures for

Firearms certification, peace officers, active and retired

Funding, KLEPF fund salary supplements

Gunshot and stab wounds, reporting of

Gunshot wounds or life-threatening injury, reporting of

KLEEP Fund, transfer administration to DOCJT and increase stipend amount

Law enforcement agency, report VIN numbers on stolen items to NCIC

Local enforcement of federal immigration law

Personal services agencies, employees, perform criminal background check for

Police department, city of sixth class, countywide jurisdiction

United States Mint Police, Kentucky peace officer powers for

United States Mint Police, peace officer powers for

US 60, in Carter County in honor of fallen firefighter and police officers designate sections of

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