Police, State

911 communications, procedure for release of

Arrest powers, vehicular assault of a bicyclist or pedestrian

Controlled substances, electronic reporting, data sharing in system of

Criminal gang activity, database, uniform citation modification

Criminal gang database

DNA samples, from whom taken, use

Drug service fee, collection, distribution

Electronic warrants, participation in

Eyewitness identification, procedures for

Firearms certification, peace officers, active and retired

Forms and instructions, distribution of

KSP enforcement of federal immigration law

Law enforcement agency, report VIN numbers on stolen items to NCIC

Motor vehicle enforcement officers, transfer of to state police

Officers not covered by KRS Chapter 16, establishment of personnel system

Protective vests and tasers, constable eligible for from KSP program

Retired troopers, creation of reemployment program

Sex offender registry, requirements for Web site

State police trooper, qualifications of

United States Mint Police, Kentucky peace officer powers for

United States Mint Police, peace officer powers for

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