Auditor's Office, confirmation of APA Executive Order #08-02

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Executive Order 2008-504

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Executive Order 2008-504, confirm

Commerce Cabinet, Executive Order 2008-516

Council on Postsecondary Education, Executive Order 2008-836

Department for Local Government, Executive Order 2008-509

Department of Education, Executive Order 2008-515

Department of Juvenile Justice, Executive Order 2008-505

Department of Law, Attorney General Executive Order AG 08-01

Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, Order 2008-530

Environmental & Public Protection Cabinet, Exec. Orders 2008-472, 2008-507, 2008-531, & 2008-668

Executive Order Number 2008-506, confirmation of

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, Executive Order 2008-505

Justice and Public Safety, Executive Order 2008-505

Kentucky State Fair Board, Executive Order 2008-1292, confirmation of

Motor Vehicle Commission, confirmation

Motor vehicle enforcement officers, transfer of to state police

Motorcycle safety education, costs of

Motorcycle safety education program, retain in Justice and Public Safety Cabinet

Office of Homeland Security, Department of Military Affairs, attachment to

Personnel Cabinet, Executive Order 2008-503

Public Service Commission and Military Affairs commission, clarification of reorganization

Reviser of statutes, authority to correct statutory references

Transportation Cabinet, Confirm Executive Orders 2008-529 and 2008-510

Transportation Cabinet, Executive Order 2008-505

Transportation, Executive Order 2008-505

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