Taxation, Income--Individual

Clarify due date for claiming Clean Coal Tax Credit

Community rehabilitation tax credit, created

Earned income credit

Earned income credit, creation of

Economic development incentive programs, omnibus revisions

Education savings plan, provide tax credit for

Exempt wages paid by a new small business with five or fewer employees

Film industry tax credits

Film industry, tax credits

Film industry tax incentives, nonrefundable credit

Film industry tax incentives, sunset

Home builder's credit, establish

Internal Revenue Code, update reference to

Kentucky earned income tax credit, allowance of

Military pay, income tax exemption for

Military pay, state income tax exemption of

New Markets Program, tax credits for

Organ donation, nonrefundable tax credit, provide for

Repeal, effective January 1, 2010

Small business tax credit, remove cap reduction

Tax credit, for job stimulus

Tax rates, increase on higher incomes

Unemployment compensation, partial exclusion of

Wellness project credit

Last updated: 8/28/2019 8:17 AM (EDT)