Taxation, Sales and Use

Alcoholic beverages, sales tax, effective date, limitation of

Allow the exemption for alcohol sales

Charitable auction, in certain situations person not retailer

Charitable golfing events, greens fees

Cigarettes, tobacco products, alcohol, rate increase, prohibited

Computer and communications-related equipment, refund for the purchase of

Delivery charges, direct mail, exemption from

Distilled spirits, wine, malt beverages, off premises consumption, exemption

Durable medical equipment, exempt

Expansion of base, lowering of rate

Film industry, tax credits

Film industry tax credits

Film industry, tax credits

Geothermal heat pump, exemption

Holiday, authorize

Horse farming material and equipment, sales tax exemption of

Lodging, sales tax on, clarification of tax base

Motor fuels tax, adjust average wholesale price

Motor fuels tax, make technical corrections to

Motor vehicle usage tax, exemption for certain trusts transfers

Multistate Tax Compact, adoption

Occasional sale, exclude recreational vehicles

Packaged alcohol sales, impose on

Public facility, rebate of tax for governmental entities

Rate, increase

Road fund taxes, liability of officers for

Sales tax, exemption, removal of, packaged sales of alcohol

Services, taxation of selected

Small business, refund program

Software maintenance contracts, definition deleted

Straw, wood shavings, sawdust, exempt from

Streamlined sales and use tax agreement, conforming changes

tourism attraction, lodging facility

Tourism attraction, lodging facility

Vendor compensation, cap

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