Appropriation, colon cancer screening fund

Appropriations for settlement for black farmers, approval of, simple resolution for

Best in Class, Best in Care, and Best in Law loans

Bill or amendment containing appropriation, three-day waiting period prior to vote

Bluegrass Station, appropriation for

Bluegrass Station, funds for expansion, authorize and appropriate

Books for Brains Foundation

Career and technical education accessibility fund, career guidance fund

Career and Technical Education Accessibility Fund, career guidance fund

Claims against the Commonwealth

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriation for

Colon Cancer Screening Program, appropriation for

Commercial construction, loan guarantees for

Commission on fire Protection Personnel Standards and Education authorized to expend funds

Continuation budget

Court reporters, board of court reporting fund, creation of

Dairy industry fund, direct expenditures from

Dropout prevention funds, encourage increase in

Early graduation scholarship fund

Early graduation scholarship fund, establishment of

Electronic games of skill, provisions for

Executive branch budget, amendments to

Expanded learning, grant program for

Expanded learning time grant program, establishment of

Front-line staff positions and safety, for

General Assembly, 48-hour review requirement of

HB 109/SCS 2

Health and Family Services, primary stroke center, criteria for

Inmate educational program, transfer funds relating to

Judicial Branch Budget

Kentucky Asset/Liability Commission, funding notes authorized by

Kentucky Commission on Public Health, creation of the

Kentucky efficient school design trust fund, create

Kentucky Efficient School Design Trust Fund, creation of

Kentucky lottery, making an appropriation therefor

Kentucky quarter horse, appaloosa and Arabian development fund, creation of

Legislative Branch Budget, appropriation of

Medical insurance, Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System retirees, funds for

Racing charitable gaming fund, establishment and administration of

Radon professionals, funds for regulation of

School facilities construction, authorize debt for category 5 schools

Shared funding scholarship grant program, use of lottery funds for

Speech-language pathologist or audiologist, appropriate funds for

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendments to

Strong Start Kentucky restricted fund

Support education excellence in Kentucky funds

Supports for Community Living, rate increase for, providers of

Transportation Cabinet budget

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Transportation Cabinet, continuing appropriation for

Various funds, establishment of

Water and sewer projects, assistance agreements for

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