Banks and Financial Institutions

Bank fees, delete requirement for state agency to pay for providing records

Banks, state or national branches, delete use of a different name

Blue Sky Law, omnibus chapter changes

"Broker-dealer," definition of

Child support enforcement, administrative procedures

Child support enforcement, administrative procedures for

Commercial construction, loan guarantees for

Consumer protection, late fees, refunds

Debt adjusters and debt adjusting services, requirements and prohibitions

Debt adjusters and debt-adjusting services, requirements and prohibitions

Debt buyers, regulation of

Deferred deposit transaction, establish maximum annual percentage rate

Deferred deposit transactions, prohibit deceptive practices, forfeiture of entire interest

Financial records, fee for assembling and providing to government units

Gift cards, issued as a reward, delete from exemption to 1 year minimum expiration period

Group life insurance, contributions and coverage

Kentucky financial services code, omnibus chapter changes

Mortgage or security interest registration, notice of taxes due

Real property deed, deed of trust or mortgage, recording constitutes constructive notice

Reorganization, Department of Financial Institutions, Executive Orders 2009-535 and 2009-1086

Residential property, registration with local government by creditor when vacant

Security interest, assignment or pledge, recording of

State or national bank branches, delete same name requirement

Trusts and estates, administration and distribution of

Uniform commercial code, requirements and effect of bank correction statement

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