Children and Minors

Abortion, prohibitions relating to

Adolescent well health physicals, urge education about

Adoption, biological parent health information, submission of

Adoption, stepparent, rights of

Aged 10 and under, time on school bus, limitation of

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment, pregnant and post-partum women

Alcoholic beverage with special appeal to minors, sticker, providing for

Alcoholic beverages with special appeal to minors, provisions for

Alternative education programs, classification and data collection

Alternative education, study of

Attendance, school

Auditory screening report, definition of

Bible literacy, curriculum for

Books for preschoolers

Breast feeding, penalty for violation of law that permits practice in public, establish

Charter school, enrollment in

Child Abuse and Neglect Fatality Review Panel, establishes

Child booster seat requirements, age and size limits, increase of

Child committed to the custody of the Commonwealth, provisions for

Child custody, temporary, provide for

Child support arrearages, income tax refund offset for, credit of

Child support enforcement, administrative procedures

Child support enforcement, administrative procedures for

Child Support, Update guidelines table

Children's health advisory council, establishment of

Children's health advisory council, naming of

Child's misdemeanor sex offense records provision to school, when

Compulsory attendance age, increases in

Compulsory attendance age limit, raising

Compulsory attendance age limit, raising of

Compulsory school age, increase to age eighteen

Compulsory school age, raising from 16 to 18

Custody and visitation rights for deployed armed services members, protection of

Custody determination, additional factor for

Custody determination, additional factor for, deletion of

Custody, factors in determining

Dependency court, appointment and payment of counsel

Domestic Relations, personal identifiers

Domestic violence, orders of protection

Domestic violence, provisions relating to

Educational records, child committed to the custody of the state, provide for

Energy drinks, sale to children under 18 years of age prohibited

Family Trust Program, establishment of special needs trust program for the disabled

Foster children, dual credit and dual enrollment courses, tuition waiver

Grandparents, legislative task force on raising grandchildren by

Group life insurance, definition of dependent

Human sexuality education, content standards

Identification and tracking devices, implantation in humans

Immunizations, administration by pharmacists

Immunizations, administration of

Immunizations, human papillomavirus, required

Internet anonymous defamation, urge Congress to protect children from

Interstate compact for placement of children, replacement of

Interviews, criminal conduct, restrictions

Juvenile Court Proceedings, open, pilot project

Juvenile court proceedings, open to public, pilot projects

Juvenile Justice, records, access

Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program, premiums, requirements for

Kentucky Hemophilia and Blood Disorder Program, establishment of

Kentucky Hemophilia Program, establish the

Kentucky Hemophilia Program, establishment of

Kentucky Literacy Day, designation of

Medicaid, managed care partnership, extension of

Metabolic or genetic disorders, Medicaid coverage of

Name, change of

Nude image of minor, transmission, possession

Nude images of a person, transmission or possession by a minor

Paternity, determination, evidence and venue, clarification and updating of

Pediatric abusive head trauma, prevention and recognition of

Personal communication device use while driving, prohibit only when vehicle in motion

Personal communication device use while operating a motor vehicle, change prohibitions for

Personal communication devices, use while driving, prohibition of

Physical activity for children, requirement of

Pornography, access by minors

Pregnancy resource centers, honoring

Preschool, disabled, funding formula

Preschool education, Strong Start Kentucky program grants

Preschool grants

Private schools, personnel, background checks

Psychiatric residential treatment facilities, Level I, Level II, establishment of

Public information, child fatality, disclosure of

Reducing caseloads for speech language pathologists, study for

School attendance, athletic events

School curriculum, Bible literacy, elective courses

School nurse, pilot program, establishment of

School nurse pilot program, establishment of

Sex offenders, prohibitions, restrictions, and registration requirements relating to

Sexual abuse by enforcement or persons operating confinement facility

Sexual abuse in the first degree, by person operating confinement facility

Shared Parenting time, adjust child support for

Social service workers, caseloads for care of

Specialty residential treatment center, establishment and licensing of

Spinal Muscular Atrophy, urge awareness and education about

Status offenders, detention of

Student religious expression, support of

Substance endangerment of a child prior to birth

Suicide prevention, educator training on

Task Force on Children Exposed to and Affected by Domestic Violence, creation of

Teach for America program, teacher certification through participation in

Technology, middle school students

Vacation of judgements, when entered prior to age of majority

Voyeurism, offenses relating to minors

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