Corrections Impact

Acupuncturists, licensing of

Adam Walsh Act, compliance with

Anatomical gifts

Anatomical gifts, revised uniform act, enactment of

Assault, commission by strangulation against family member

Blue Sky Law, provisions regarding

City officials training program

Concealed deadly weapon, original compartment, space, or container of motor vehicle, permitted in

Controlled substances, salvia, addition to Schedule I

Corrections, use of privatized inmate food service in prison

Crime of disarming a peace officer, add new devices

Custody, failure to return to

Death penalty, abolish

Deception, theft by, check for insufficient funds

Department of Corrections, certain KCTCS employees teaching inmates, transfer of

Department of Corrections, KCTCS employees teaching inmates, transfer of

Domestic violence and abuse, police training for

Domestic violence order, prohibit possession of firearm during time order is in effect

Domestic violence orders and criminal offenses, global positioning monitoring system for

Domestic violence, orders of protection

DUI, controlled substance use, violation for

Fish and Wildlife Resources, Department of, commission appointments

Gang, criminal

Good time service credit, award and use of

Inmates, civil actions by

Jails, provision of medical services in

Kentucky Prison Industries Enhancement Commission

Local governments, enforcement of criminal provisions

Maintenance orders for spouses, availability of automatic payment methods

Medical facilities, jail, state prisoner copayment for use of

Methamphetamine violations, precursor drugs, prohibition of purchase

Methamphetamine violations, prohibit purchasing precursor drugs

Murder, registration of offenders

Officials training program

Operators' licenses and identification cards for offenders, documentation for, when effective

Operators' licenses and personal identification cards for felony offenders, required documentation

Orders, domestic violence, use of global positioning monitoring

Parole Board, membership of

Parole, credit for time during, loss of

Parole credit, revocation of

Parole, medical, granting of

Pediatric abusive head trauma, prevention and recognition of

President felony offenders, sentencing

Prison industries enhancement program

Prisoners, psychotropic medications

Procurement procedures, reverse auctions in, use of

Pseudoephedrine, possession or sale of

Psychology board, applied behavior analysts, regulation of

Public employees, omnibus collective bargaining bill for

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Severe mental illness, defined

Sex offenders, prohibitions, restrictions, and registration requirements relating to

Sex offenders, public park restrictions relating to

Sexual abuse by enforcement or persons operating confinement facility

Sexual abuse in the first degree, by person operating confinement facility

Sexual relations between probationer/parolee & person employed by detention agency, prohibition of

Shock probation, availability in DUI cases

Substance endangerment of a child prior to birth

Video lottery terminals, placement at approved tracks

Video lottery terminals, placement of

Violence, domestic, emergency protective order, domestic violence order

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