Crime Victims

Business solicitation

Compensation, claimants and eligible expenses, modification of

Compensation from proceeds of sale of crime memorabilia

Examination services for victims of sexual offenses, modification of

Expungement of records,criminal history

Gang, criminal

Global positioning technology operated by counties, requirements for

Identity theft, data protection, business requirements

Murder, registration of offenders

Offenders, domestic violence, GPS monitoring, other sanctions

Parole, medical, granting of

Practitioner or pharmacist coerced to provide drugs, prohibition of action against

Sexual Assault Awareness Month, recognition of

Sexual assault exams, disabled person's consent, deletion of

Sexual assault exams, related services, reimbursal for

Sexual relations between inmate and person employed by detention facility or agency, prohibition of

Synthetic cannabinoids and piperazines, possession, trafficking, and manufacture, prohibition of

Violence, domestic, emergency protective order, domestic violence order

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