Domestic Relations

Anatomical gifts

Anatomical gifts, requirements for, establishment of

Anatomical gifts, revised uniform act, enactment of

Assault, commission by strangulation against family member

Child custody and visitation rights for deployed armed services members, protection of

Child Custody determination, additional factor for, deletion of

Child custody, factors in determining

Child support enforcement, administrative procedures

Child support enforcement, administrative procedures for

Competency proceeding, jury trial for

Constitutional amendment, definition of marriage, repeal of

Dating violence

Domestic relations orders, require state retirement systems to honor

Domestic Relations Orders, require state retirement systems to honor

Domestic violence and abuse

Domestic violence and abuse, police training for

Domestic violence assault, high misdemeanor, classified as

Domestic violence, dating partners, include

Domestic violence, inclusion of dating partners

Domestic violence order, prohibit possession of firearm during time order is in effect

Domestic violence orders and criminal offenses, global positioning monitoring system for

Domestic violence, orders of protection

Domestic violence, provisions relating to

Domestic violence, reporting and training requirements relating to

Dower and curtesy, effect of bigamy

Global positioning technology operated by counties, requirements for

Grandparents, legislative task force on raising grandchildren by

Interstate compact for placement of children, replacement of

Juvenile Court Proceedings, open, pilot project

Juvenile court proceedings, open to public, pilot projects

Maintenance orders for spouses, automatic payment, child support collection system, exclusion from

Maintenance orders for spouses, availability of automatic payment methods

Offenders, global positioning monitoring for

Orders, domestic violence, use of global positioning monitoring

Paternity, determination, evidence and venue, clarification and updating of

Pediatric abusive head trauma, prevention and recognition of

Personal identifiers

Sexual Assault Awareness Month, recognition of

Shared Parenting time, adjust child support for

Spouse abuse shelter fund, marriage license fees, increase of

Task Force on Children Exposed to and Affected by Domestic Violence, creation of

Violence, domestic, emergency protective order, domestic violence order

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