Highways, Streets, and Bridges

Bicycle trailers, prohibited use of while operating a bicycle on state-maintained highways

Biennial Highway Construction Plan

Biennial Highway Construction Plan, add project to

Biennial highway construction plan, FY 2010-2012

Biennial Highway Plan, identification of projects included in

Bill Francis Memorial Highway, KY 550 in Floyd County, designation of

Billboards, exempt certain noncommercial message signs from regulation

Billboards, pilot vegetation maintenance program for, establish

Bi-state Authority, appointment, Charles Buddeke

Bi-state Authority, confirmation, James D. Fiepke

Calloway County Veterans Memorial Highway, designation of

"Charles Lee Meyers Highway," designate in Boone County

Contracts, Kentucky businesses, preference for

Corporal Mayo Blackburn Bridge in Pike County, designation of

County roads and city streets, use of golf carts on

Cpl. Josh Moore Memorial Highway, designate in Logan County

Department of Highways, Secretary's Contingency Account, project funded from

"Deputy Anthony Sean Pursifull Memorial Highway," designate in Bell County

DUI, costs for suspect directed medical tests

DUI, costs for suspect-directed medical tests

DUI, ignition interlock device, use of

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, responsibility for testing costs

Earl (Skip) Ritz Memorial Bridge, designation of

Electronic billboards, allow and set standards for

Floyd County Civil War Highway, extension of

FY 2010-2012 Biennial Highway Construction Plan

"Georgia Davis Expressway," designate in Jefferson County

Golf carts on local roads, increase allowable distance from golf course

Highway construction projects, award of, minimum number of bids required

Historical marker, site of Utah School, placement of

Honorary names, designation of

Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution for

Horse-drawn wagons, effect on, study of

Infrastructure projects, pollution prevention, water resources, preservation of

Instructional permit holders, required display of decals when operating a motor vehicle

"Jerry Chesnut Highway," designate in Harlan County

"J.R. Gray Bypass," designate in the town of Benton, Kentucky

Kenneth O. Gibson Highway, designation of

Kenny Rice, highway signs honoring, erection of

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Charlie Johnson

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Don C. Kelly

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Glenn Mitchell

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Larry Sanderson

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Laura Douglas

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Nelda Barton-Collings

Knott County Gingerbread Festival, highway signs commemorating, erection of

Lighting, request Transportation Cabinet study of

Limited supplemental highway guide signs, adjust reimbursement methods for

Maintenance costs, Transportation Cabinet study of ways to reduce

Mini-trucks, use on non-interstate highways

Norman Risner Highway in Knott County, designation of

Officer liability, motor fuels and U-Drive-It taxes

Ohio River Bridge Bi-State Authority, ratification of

Outdoor advertising devices, Department of Highways permit requirements, define exemptions to

Perry County Veterans Highway, designation of

Personal communication device, prohibit the use of by drivers under the age of 18

Personal communication devices, use while driving

Procurement procedures, reverse auctions in, use of

Procurement procedures, reverse auctions, use of

Railroad grade crossings, inspection of

Regulation of traffic on state highways, technical corrections

Roads and Bridges, designate in honorary names for

Sections of US 60 in honor of fallen firefighters and police officers, designate in Carter County

Sergeant Justin A. Scott Memorial Highway, designate in the City of Bellevue

Shock probation, availability in DUI cases

Six Year Road Plan, out four years of

"Specialist Jay Travis White Memorial Highway" in Letcher County, designation of

"Staff Sergeant Nicholas R. Carnes Memorial Highway," designate in the city of Dayton

Stevie McReynolds Way in Calloway County, designation

Text messaging, prohibit while operating a motor vehicle

Texting while operating a motor vehicle, change prohibitions for

Texting while operating a motor vehicle, clarify exemptions for

"The Purple Trail," extension of

Transportation Cabinet

Transportation Cabinet budget

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Transportation Cabinet Budget Memorandum

Transportation Cabinet, cessation of work provisions in right-of-way permits, requirement for

Transportation Cabinet, cessation of work provisions in right-of-way permits, requirements for

Transportation Cabinet, continuing appropriation for

"Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail," extension throughout I-75

William M. Cox, Sr. Drive, designation of

Work zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines

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