Insurance, Health

Abortion, foreign health insurers to comply with Kentucky law

Agent licensing, exemptions, addition to

Autism coverage, definition of "medically necessary," deletion of

Autism spectrum disorder, insurance coverage

Autism spectrum disorder, insurance coverage for

Autism spectrum disorders, coverage for

Autism spectrum disorders, increase mandated coverage

Benefit mandate, coverage for acquired brain injuries

Cancer clinical trials, treatment, health plans for

Cancer medication, oral, require coverage for

Children's health advisory council, establishment of

Children's health advisory council, naming of

Chiropractic services, insurer, definition of

Chiropractic treatment, prohibit combining procedures for reimbursement

Chiropractic treatment, require insurance reimbusement and equal payment

Chiropractors, insurance reimbursement

Chiropractors, reimbursement

Convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, & strabismus intermittent, health plans, to add

CPI adjustment to insurance payments to firefighters totally disabled in line of duty

Dental and vision services, benefit plan, fees not covered by

Dental services, contracts for

Dental services, disclosure of fees for services not covered by benefit plan

Department of Insurance, technical amendments

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy and retinopathy, coverage required

Employee contribution, obese employees, higher rates allowed for

Federal health insurance mandate, Kentucky individuals and business entities, exempt

Foreign health insurers, authorize policy sales in Kentucky

Foreign insurers, authorize policy sales in Kentucky

Foreign insurers, certificate of authority, requirements

Genetic information, restrict use by insurers

Group health plan qualifying event, change in Medicaid or state child health plan status

Health benefit plans, uniform application forms, requirement of

High deductible plans, exempt hospice care in accordance with federal tax law

Hospitals contracts with insurer, required provisions

Insurer, delete agent from definition

Kentucky Access, eligibility requirements

Kentucky Asset Liability Commission, funding stabilization contributions permitted

Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program, premiums, requirements for

Kentucky Hemophilia and Blood Disorder Program, establishment of

Kentucky Hemophilia Program, establish the

Kentucky Hemophilia Program, establishment of

Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Fund, exclude Medicare Part C and Part D, raise coverage limits

Medicaid, managed care partnership, extension of

Medicaid, program performance, audit of

Medical insurance, Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System retirees, funds for

Mental health parity, comply with federal requirements

National Association of Insurance Commissioners, deletion of references to

National health plans, insurance agents and brokers retain right to enroll individuals and employers

Nonprofit health maintenance organizations, regulation of

Penalties and fines, not to be used to compel participation

Physician assistants, controlled substances, prescriptive authority for

Physician assistants, emergency medical assistance, provisions for

Physician assistants, licensure, requirements for

Physician profiling programs, restrictions

Pseudoephedrine, prescription medication

School nurse, pilot program, establishment of

School nurse pilot program, establishment of

State employees, dependent coverage based on income

State employees, wellness activities

Student medical leave, retain dependent status

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