Peace Officers and Law Enforcement

Animal control agencies, animal impoundment, euthanasia, proceedings for

Artifact theft, urge training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts relating to

Benefits increase, line of duty deaths

Bow season firearm violations, penalties for

Breaks Interstate Park, peace officers, authority

Citation, when required instead of making an arrest

Concealed deadly weapon, conservation officer may carry

Conservation officers, certification of, peace officer powers for

Conservation officers, peace officer powers for

Conservation officers, peace officers, powers and duties, limitation on

Conservation officers, training required

Crime of disarming a peace officer, add new devices

Dementia, training for

Domestic violence, dating partners, include

Domestic violence, inclusion of dating partners

Domestic violence orders and criminal offenses, global positioning monitoring system for

Domestic violence, reporting and training requirements relating to

Electronic warrant program, establish

Expungement of record when person found innocent

Fish and Wildlife enforcement, general fund dollars, use for

Funding, Kentucky National Guard members, KLEPF salary supplements for

Funding, KLEPF fund salary supplement

Funding, KLEPF fund salary supplements

Funding, KLEPF salary supplements for

Gang, criminal

Good Samaritan, nonliability for emergency care, expand to all persons

K 9 Veterans Day, March 13 as

Kentucky Mountain Trail Corporation, establish and authorize trail systems

Kentucky State Police, pawnbroker transaction database, establishment of

KLEFP fund, agencies included in

Law enforcement agency, report VIN on stolen items to NCIC

Lineups by law enforcement, conduct of

Minors, criminal conduct, interviews

Narcotic treatment programs, regulation of

Oaths retired and senior justices and judges, administration by

Pawnbrokers, transactions, registry of

Peace Officer Professional Standards, loss of certification, increase break in employment before

Peace Officer Professional Standards, retirement, recertification after

Police officers, Bill of Rights, application

Police training, domestic violence and abuse

Postal inspections, United States inspectors, Kentucky peace officer powers for

Postal inspectors, US, Kentucky peace officer powers for

Probate fees, estate of officer killed in line of duty, exemption for

Pseudoephedrine, possession or sale of

Safety and security officers, postsecondary education institutions

Special FOP license plates, extra fee directed to the death benefit fund

Special local peace officers, assault upon

State Police, require pawnbrokers to report registry information to

State police, training and certification of Trooper R Class

Task Force on Children Exposed to and Affected by Domestic Violence, creation of

Tennessee Valley Authority, peace officer, authority

Tennessee Valley Authority, peace officers, authority of

Uniform or other wearing apparel, safety equipment or protective accessories, purchase of

United States Mint Police, peace officer, powers of

United States Postal Inspectors, peace officer, powers of

Vehicles, coroner, blue lights, authorize use of

Vehicles, jail, authorization for use of blue lights

Warrantless arrest, domestic violence and abuse

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