Controlled substances, disposal, pilot program, establishment of

Controlled substances, personal access to database records

Dextromethorphan, availability, restriction of

Diabetes educators, licensing of

Emergency authority for

HIV/AIDS training course, repeal requirement for

Immunizations, administration of

Jails, provision of medical services in

Medicaid, managed care partnership, extension of

Medicaid, program performance, audit of

Methamphetamine precursors

Methamphetamine violations, precursor drugs, prohibition of purchase

Opioid antidote naloxone, availability, expansion of

Opioid antidote naloxone, expand availability of

Patient identification number for prescription medication, expanded options for

Pharmacists, immunizations, administration of

Pharmacy technicians, charitable organizations, waive application fee for

Pharmacy technicians working only as a charitable organization volunteer, waive application fee for

Pharmacy-related primary care, study of

Practitioner or pharmacist coerced to provide drugs, prohibition of action against

Prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics, exemption for pharmacists and pharmacy employees

Pseudoephedrine, prescription medication, record of

Quality assurance program, require pharmacies to create

Wholesale distribution, pedigree requirements, exemptions from

Wholesale distribution, prescription drugs exemption, blood banks

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