Airport noise levels, tax credits for sound insulation

Alcoholic beverage wholesale tax, reduction

Alzheimer's research, tax refund checkoff for

Carbon dioxide pipeline, eligible project, tax incentives for

Carbon dioxide pipeline, eligible project tax incentives for

Charitable foundations, tax credits for

Charitable giving, tax credit provided for

Charter-county governments, procedures

Cigarette tax, wholesaler to wholesaler sales, unstamped product, allow

Coal severance incentives, expansion of

Delinquent property tax collections and sales, technical corrections.

Department of Revenue, make technical corrections

Department of Revenue, regulations, inclusion of examples

Diesel retrofit tax credit, creation

Distilled spirits credit, create

Distilled spirits income tax credit, establishment of

Economic development incentives and tax credits, technical corrections

Economic development incentives, study of

Economic Development, KREDA program, allow limited extension of agreements

Electronic filing and payment

Endow Kentucky tax credit, reduce cap on

ENERGY STAR tax credit, modify

Energy-efficient products, certified installer required for taxpayer to claim tax credit for

Environmental stewardship credits, amendments to

Equine, natural resources, tax exemptions

Gross revenues and excise tax fund, "hold-harmless amount"

Incentives for carbon capture and storage, expansion of

Incentives for Energy Independence Act, amend to provide incentives for natural gas

Incentives for energy independence act, limit number of natural gas projects

Income tax, community rehabilitation tax credit

Income tax, energy efficiency products and Energy Star homes, create credit

Income tax, estimated tax penalties, modification of

Income tax, innovative education tax credit

Income tax, solar photovoltaic system credit, create

Income tax, tuition assistance tax credit

Income tax, wellness project credit

Increase in sales and uses tax, constitutional amendment to provide

Individual income tax, exempt wages paid by a small business with five or fewer employees

Individual Income Tax, new home tax credit, modify

Individual income tax refund checkoff for Alzheimer's research

Inheritance tax, change classification of great-grandchildren

Internal Revenue Code, update reference date

Job stimulus tax credit, create

Loan forgiveness tax credit, allowance of

Local Government Assistance Fund transfers be made after incentive payments are made, require that

Local government insurance premium taxes

Local government premium tax reporting, requirement for

Local net profits, gross receipts, occupational taxes; amend administrative requirements

Local occupational license fees, centralized return system

Local ticket surcharge, private entertainment facility

Low-profit limited liability company, organization and operation of

Minimum capitol investment for alternative fuel facility using natural gas, effective August 1, 2010

Mortgage forgiveness, exempt from individual income tax

Motor fuels taxes, officer liability for

Motor vehicle usage tax, amend exemptions

Motor vehicle use tax, exemption for church-owned, disability-equipped automobile

Motor vehicle use tax, provide trade in credit

Multiple sclerosis, creation of trust fund and income tax checkoff for

Natural resources severance tax credit, definitions

New home tax credit, modify

New home tax credit, construction of a new home, allowance for

New Markets Development Program, establish tax credits

Occupational license tax, limitations for counties of over 30,000, deletion of

Organ donation, nonrefundable tax credit, provide for

Other tobacco products excise tax, expand base, lower rate

Pari-mutuel excise tax, reduce rate

Pari-mutuel wagering, excise tax on secondary pari-mutuel organization, establishment of

Property tax homestead exemption

Property tax homestead, exemption, expanded

Property tax homestead exemption, expansion of

Property tax, sales of certificates of delinquency effective for 2010 sales, make amendments to

Reduce the pari-mutuel excise tax

Revenue Measures

Revenue measures, the Executive Branch Budget Bill, accompaniment of

Revenue measures to accompany the Executive Branch Budget Bill

Sales and use, imposition of on recreational vehicles

Sales and use tax, exempt gross receipts from sales of package alcohol

Sales and use tax, holiday

Sales and use tax, Kentucky coffee tree, exempt

Sales and use tax, package alcohol sales, exemption

Sales and use tax, rate reduction, tax base expansion, certain exemptions repealed

Sales tax, small business, refund program

School taxes, penalties to taxpayers who fail to pay

Small business jobs creation tax credit, rename program

Solar photovoltaic system, income tax credits, create

Tax evidence, deferred payment of, surety

Tax exemptions, international horse racing events, amend

Tax incentives for alternative fuels, expansion of

Tax increment financing agreements, moratorium

Tax inducement programs, review and sunset

Tax reform package, income, estate, and sales taxes

Teachers, tax deduction for tuition to masters program

Technical corrections

Trade-in allowance in motor vehicle sales, technical corrections

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