Bed and breakfast establishment, business authorized at

Bed and breakfast inn, definition of and business authorized at

Bed and breakfast inns, definition of an business authorized at

Brush Mountain Trail, restoration and management

Counties, Kentucky Mountain Trail Corporation membership, addition to counties

Department of Travel, renaming as Department of Travel and Tourism

Designations, Sam Bush as "Father of Newgrass Music," Bowling Green, Ky., "Birthplace of Newgrass"

Electronic games of skill, provisions for

Equine heritage and state recreation land, protection of

Farmstay, definition of and business authorized at

Farmstrays, definition of

Historical marker, site of Utah School, placement of

Hurricane Creek Mine Disaster Historic Site

Kentucky Capitol Centennial Celebration, urge statewide participation

Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage, creation of

Kentucky Military Heritage Commission, tourism opportunities

Kentucky Mountain Trail Corporation, establish and authorize trail systems

Kentucky Wood Products Competitiveness Corporation, abolition of

KY Mountain Trail Corporation, add counties and board members, remove from state employee system

KY Recreational Trails Authority and GAIN program, establishment

Local ticket surcharge, private entertainment facility

Metal detectors, use in state parks, restrictions on

Mountain Trail Systems Task Force, create

Outdoor heritage fund, establishment of

Pine Mountain Trail State Park, renaming

State parks, alcoholic beverages, permission to sell

Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, placement of secretary on Commission on Military Affairs

Video lottery terminals, placement of

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