Animal control officers, animal abuse, entry on premises, probable cause for

Animal impoundment, animal care, bonding for

Aquaculture guidelines, establishment of

Black farmers, assessment of economic conditions of

Black farmers, economic conditions, assessment of

Board of Agriculture, Farm Bureau, CFA service on

Branch Budget Bills, amendment of

Bulk tobacco, allow inspection of instruments that measure moisture

Business permit, license, or credential, employment of unauthorized aliens, grounds for non-issuance

Department of Agriculture, proof of livestock surety bond

Department of Agriculture, USDA, urge livestock market monitoring

Dr. Robert C. Stout, commend for veterinarian award

Duties of Commissioner, clarification of

Energy and Environment Cabinet, secretary, election of

Equipment, annual overdimensional permits to transport between dealers

Farm trucks, federal safety regs for trucks under 26,000 pounds, exemption of

Farm trucks, weight classifications, expansion of

Farm Trucks, weight classifications, expansion of

Food production, honoring Kentucky farmers

Gender language, clarification of

Ginseng, regulation of

Grain bonding, requirements for

Historic farms designation, eminent domain and zoning precedence

Historic farms, program to recognize, establishment

Industrial hemp, licensing and growing of

Intrastate produced goods, federal laws, federal jurisdiction, removal from

Kentucky Proud products, use in state resort parks, promotion program

Kentucky Proud, state parks, agricultural products purchasing

Lien, priority over, created livestock seller's lien

Livestock marketing issues, review of

Motor carriers, exemption of farm trucks from definition of

Office of Agricultural Policy, windmills, loan interest loans for

Planting and harvesting seasons, definition of

Program Trust Fund, voluntary donation for farm vehicle registrations, notification of

Quarantine, bees and appliances or materials, technical corrections for

Recognizing Don Harris, United States Equestrian Federation's lifetime achievement award recipient

Robert N. Clay, honor for conservation award

Sand and gravel, noncommercial, property owners, permit exemption for

Settlement for African-American farmers, commend Congress for funding

State Board of Agriculture, membership of

Stockyards and buying stations, regulation of

Stockyards, regulation of

Stockyards, reporting of livestock received and sold

Tobacco, replace weighman with weighperson

Tobacco Task Force, reauthorization of

Urban agriculture, state agency focus on

Urban agriculture, urge task force formation on

Veterinarians, cruelty reporting, cite applicable statutes

Veterinarians, wellness program, naming of

Warehouseperson, gender-neutral language

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