Alternative fuel production, expand incentives for

Bond protocol, administrative regulation, inclusion of

Carbon dioxide transmission pipeline siting, eligibility for, regulation of

Certificates of delinquency, amend sale provisions

Coal combustion residuals, disposal, regulation of

Coal Miners Appreciation Week, third week of August, designation of

Coal produced or altered for intrastate use, exemptions from Clean Water Act for

Conductivity standards

Disposal of overburden, streams, requirements and prohibitions for

Energy and Environment Cabinet, secretary, election of

Environmental laboratories, wastewater, cabinet certification of

In-lieu fee, straight pipe and sewer projects, use for

Intrastate produced goods, federal laws, federal jurisdiction, removal from

Pro coal attestations, electric utility service, requirement for

Reclamation bond, bond amounts, administrative regulation, requirements for

Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act of 2011, support for

Right of Entry Statute, technical and stylistic corrections for

Sanctuary state from United States EPA, establishment of

Severing, constitutional amendment to prevent laws from stopping

Stream mitigation and restoration projects, conductivity, direct new contract for

Water quality, environmental samples, submitted to certified laboratory

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