Labor and Industry

Aliens, unauthorized, prohibit hiring of

Charter county, labor contracts

Coal Miners Appreciation Week, third week of August, designation of

Collective bargaining for public employees

Collective bargaining, public employees, authorization

Corrections officers of a consolidated local government, collective bargaining

Employment eligibility verification, required January, 2012

HVAC professionals, licensing of

IBM, honoring

Job stimulus tax credit

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority, Board of Directors, appointment, Mark A. Workman

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority, Board of Directors, appointment, Timothy S. Mauntel

Labor Cabinet, secretary, election of

Labor organization, mandatory membership or financial support prohibited, penalty

Portal for business, establishment of

Prevailing wage, exemption threshold, increase

Prevailing wage, increase exemption threshold and exempt construction in education

Prevailing wage, increase threshold for

Public agencies and contracts, employment verification requirements

Registration by employer in federal work authorization program

Registration of employer and all public agencies in federal work authorization program

Safety for railroad employees, guidelines for railroad employee contract carriers

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

Silicosis disease claims, procedures for civil actions

Smoking in enclosed public places and enclosed places of employment, prohibition of

Unauthorized aliens, offenses relating to

Unemployment benefits, eligibility of military spouses

Unemployment compensation, eligibility for benefits

Unlawful employment practice, use of credit history

Workers' Compensation Board, appointment of Franklin A. Stivers

Workers' compensation, various amendments to KRS Chapter 342

Workforce training funds, proposed elimination opposed

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