Bonds for discharge, who may file

Condominiums, assessments, priority of

Creditor or mortgage holder, licensed auctioneer, employment of

Delinquent taxes, third-party purchasers, restrictions

Federal liens, establish and record, require

Federal liens, record with Secretary of State, require

Foreclosure, statute of limitations for action on deficiency, reduction of

Gender language, clarification of

Judgment, extent of on jointly owned real property

Livestock seller's lien, creation of, priority

Local government code violations, amelioration costs for

Mortgage, financing one's own residence, permissible

Mortgage originator licensing requirements, order of the commissioner, person exempt

Nuisances, abatement costs

Nuisances, priority

Pre-settlement funding, 36% cap on fees and interest

Pre-settlement funding, 36% cap on fees and interest, limit

Real estate transfer tax, exemption from

Repossessed vehicles, reporting of and procedures for, clarification of

Tax liens, filing and indexing of

Tax, third-party purchaser, requirements

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