Personnel and Employment

Career employee, termination of, technical corrections

Collective bargaining for public employees

Corrections officers of a consolidated local government, collective bargaining

Department of Parks, employees, limitations to reductions in work hours

Diabetes control and prevention, report on

Executive Order 2010-428, confirmation of Personnel Cabinet reorganization

Federal work authorization, required January, 2012

Furloughs, direct Governor to cease

Labor Cabinet, secretary, election of

Labor organization, mandatory membership or financial support prohibited, penalty

Personnel Board, Confirmation, David F. Hutcheson, Jr.

Personnel Board, nonconfirmation, Cecil F. Dunn

Prevailing wage, increase threshold

Prohibit illegal employees from working on public contracts

Public agencies and contracts, employment verification requirements

Public contracts and agencies, employment of illegal aliens, prohibition of

Public employees, collective bargaining permitted

Unemployment compensation, eligibility for benefits

Unlawful employment practice, use of credit history

Workers' compensation, various amendments to KRS Chapter 342

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